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Technology/Service: Biofuel
Location: London United Kingdom
Company name: Terra Firma
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Terra Firma has owned and financed renewable energy assets since 2003 and has established a proven track record of building best-in-class renewable energy businesses which operate low-risk, commercially-proven generation technologies characterized by scale, operational excellence and strong cash flow generation capacity.Accordingly, Terra Firma’s has proven experience in developing renewable energy businesses, whether from small, non-core divisions within larger organizations or by acquiring orphaned assets and transforming them into businesses with clear, strategic focus and ambition.

Over the past decade, Terra Firma has led the growth of this asset class and completed 18 transactions with an aggregate enterprise value of nearly $3.2 billion (€2.5 billion). In doing so it has built three utility-scale businesses that, at the end of 2012, had an aggregate installed capacity of 1.4 GW.

We invest in businesses that are asset-backed, in essential industries and require fundamental change. We invest time, money and expertise into transforming their strategy, operations and finances. We take a long-term approach, recognising that transforming businesses does not happen overnight. Few of our prime examples in the energy sector are:

  • Infinis is the leading independent renewable energy operator in the UK with a diversified portfolio across landfill gas, wind and hydro. Terra Firma built this business from a small, overlooked division in a landfill company.
  • Everpower is a developer and operator of onshore wind farms across the US. Terra Firma has managed the transition from a small pure-play developer to a scale operator whilst retaining a significant development pipeline.
  • RTR is the largest solar PV business in Europe with plants across Italy. Terra Firma bought the original assets in a proprietary transaction and has built a business around them, recruiting a management team and installing best-in-class processes and operations.

Contact information: Terra Firma Capital Partners Limited, 2 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AP, United Kingdom

Tel.: 44 (0)20 7015 9500