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Deal type: Buying
Deal subject: Projects
Technology/Service: Biofuel
Location: Arlington Virginia United States
Company name: Leveraged Green Energy
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Leveraged Green Energy (“LGE”) is a private equity investment fund organized to create, identify, acquire and manage clean and renewable “green” energy assets in select Target Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and in Canada.

LGE will make equity investments to obtain controlling interests in portfolio companies either alone or in conjunction with fully aligned partners.

The fund will focus on those Target Countries that are prepared to provide regulatory approval and licensing, preferential tax treatment, infrastructure support, off-take contracts, investor protections, and other support for project enhancements and risk mitigation where our highly leveraged proprietary processes and techniques will significantly improve the equity to value ratio.

Targeted Sectors:

  • Hydro. LGE plans to focus initially on developing small (0.5 – 3.5 MWe) to medium (30 – 50 MWe) projects utilizing state-of-the-art technology as well as cutting edge run-of-the-river and matrix hydro with low-flow/low-head technology for specific applications. There is significant untapped hydro potential in the Carpathian, Balkan and Tetra Mountains.
  • Wind. LGE plans to focus on wind projects, which can be started in the Target Countries on a significant scale (100-500 MWe). LGE will take advantage of lower land acquisition and construction costs in the Target Countries, as well as public sector infrastructure support.
  • Biomass. LGE has been involved in the implementation of several projects in the Target Countries intended to convert industrial and hazardous waste into synthetically produced gas (“syngas”) to be burned in place of coal and natural gas in local heating plants.
  • Solar. LGE plans to take advantage of advanced technologies and innovative business practices for utilizing solar energy, with particular focus on off-grid or highly redundant systems.
  • CO2 Sequestration. LGE plans to employ its experience in the development of Kyoto-enhanced CO2 sequestration projects, and full understanding of pipeline financing.

Contact information: 1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22209, USA

Tel.: 1 (703) 248-2617