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Deal type: Buying
Deal subject: Projects
Technology/Service: Biofuel
Location: Hanover New Hampshire United States
Company name: New Energy Capital Partners LLC
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Posting site: Green Energy Portal - Marketplace

New Energy Capital focuses on providing equity to small and mid-sized projects utilizing proven clean energy, clean water, combined heat and power, storage, and waste management technologies. Over the coming decade, investment opportunities in these target sectors will be driven by resource constraints, international energy demands, environmental mandates, and emerging technologies. Many of these projects, and the companies that develop and operate them, will require between $10 and $200 million of total capital -- a size that is underserved in the financial markets.

Infrastructure projects built around clean energy, clean water, and waste management technologies offer attractive, low-risk investment opportunities.

Overall, investments in these assets are expected to grow by more than 20 percent per annum over the next ten years as they benefit from competitive technologies, favorable energy and environmental policy trends and an overall transformation in the energy industry.  These assets will play a major role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and imported oil, improving air and water quality, and advancing U.S. energy security. New Energy Capital will seek to acquire controlling interests in development and operating assets and may from time to time sell individual projects or groups of assets to take advantage of strategic opportunities.

The Company currently focuses on the following types of opportunities:

  • Biomass, including landfill gas and animal waste-to-energy projects;
  • Combined heat and power projects at commercial and industrial facilities;
  • Recycling, waste water, and waste management projects;
  • Photovoltaic and thermal solar projects; and
  • Energy efficiency projects.
  • Furthermore, the Company is actively reviewing a wide range of other renewable energy and distributed generation opportunities.

Contact information: 53 South Main Street, Third Floor, Hanover, NH 03755

Tel.: 603.643.8885