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Company name: Glennmont Partners
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Glennmont Partners is one of Europe’s largest fund managers focusing exclusively on investment in clean energy infrastructure. We raise long-term capital to invest in alternative power generation projects, such as wind farms, biomass power stations, solar parks and small-scale hydro power plants. Our carefully selected, risk managed investments deliver sustained performance and predictable returns over periods of 10 years or more.

We are a specialist, international team with huge collective experience in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy generation projects. Formerly BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners, the team has been working together since 2007, and has established a reputation for making intelligent, long-term investments that deliver absolute returns.

We follow an aggregation strategy, investing in complementary assets in large markets including the UK, Ireland, France, Portugal and Italy. Our portfolio is diversified to reduce technology, resource and regulatory risk – but aggregated to deliver cost synergies, refinancing opportunities and, eventually, a profitable exit.

Since 2007, Glennmont Partners has invested over EUR 1bn in 14 clean energy infrastructure projects generating in excess of 350 MW in total.

Here are a few prime examples of companies in the energy sector in which we invest:

  • French Wind 1: 12 MW operational wind park in central France. (Investment year: 2009)
  • Megasol Italian Solar PV1: 13 MW solar park in Italy, which has been operational since 2011. (Investment year: 2010)
  • Phenix Italian Solar PV2: 24 MW operational solar park in Italy. (Investment year: 2010)
  • Gortahile Irish Wind 1: 20 MW operational wind park in Ireland, using Nordex N90 LS turbines. (Investment year: 2010)
  • Noyales French Wind 2: 12 MW operational wind farm in France, using Fuhrländer FL2500/90 turbines. (Investment year: 2011)
  • Gruig UK Wind 2: 25 MW operational wind park in Northern Ireland. (Investment year: 2011)
  • Tranmontane French Wind 3: 35 MW wind portfolio in France, using Nordex N90 and N100 turbines. Two sites are fully operational, and a third is under construction. (Investment year: 2011)
  • Portuguese Solar PV1: 22 MW operational solar assets, split across 2 sites in Portugal. (Investment year: 2011)
  • UK Biomass 1: 38 MW straw-fired biomass plant in the UK, currently under construction.( Investment year: 2011)
  • French Solar PV1: 55 MW operational solar portfolio consisting of 5 solar parks in France, all mounted on car park roofs. (Investment year: 2012)
  • UK Wind 1: 11.5 MW wind farm in the North of England. Construction started in October 2012. (Investment year: 2012)
  • Serenissima Italian Solar PV3: 48 MW operational solar park in Italy, using panels by 2 leading panel manufacturers.( Investment year: 2012)
  •  Italian Wind 1: 30 MW operational wind park in the south of Italy, using Nordex N100 turbines. (Investment year: 2012)
  • Portuguese Solar PV2: 6 MW operational solar park in Portugal using top tier modules and inverters. (Investment year: 2013)

Contact information: Tower 42, Level 12A, 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HQ

Tel.: 44 (0)203 675 0182