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Company name: Denham Capital
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Denham Capital builds businesses and establishes long term partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies who share our vision for growth and value creation. Our firm is built on a foundation of experience, fairness, economic rationale, flexibility and trust, and we bring these values into every opportunity we pursue.

Denham Capital seeks to capitalize on the growing demand for power by focusing on investments in both thermal and renewable power generation, including coal, gas, wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass. Through successfully aligned, long-term partnerships, Denham Capital builds businesses and creates value.

Here are a few prime examples of companies in the energy sector in which we invest:

  • BioTherm Energy is one of South Africa's leading renewable energy developers delivering clean, renewable energy to South Africa with a series of wind and solar farms in the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape provinces.
  • Endeavor Energy is a developer, owner and operator of thermal and hydro power generation facilities across Africa.
  • Fotowatio Renewable Ventures ("FRV") develops, builds and operates solar plants around the globe. 
  • GNPower in late-stage construction of a 2x300MW coal-fired power plant (Mariveles) on Luzon Island in the Philippines.
  • Greenleaf Power is focused on the ownership and operation of biomass-fueled power assets in North America.
  •  Israel Energy is developer, owner and operator of independent power projects in Israel, with a focus on gas-fired projects.
  • Novus Energy owns two operating biomass combined heat and power projects in Germany, one of which was developed as a green-field project and the other of which was acquired as an operating asset. 
  • OneWind Australia is a developer, owner and operator of wind power projects in Australia.
  • Rio Energy is focused on the development and/or acquisition of greenfield wind & solar projects in Brazil.
  • SunRay Renewable Energy is engaged in the development of a portfolio of solar energy projects, including both solar parks and rooftop installations, across Europe and the Mediterranean. 
  • Thermal North America/Trigen holds the largest portfolio of privately owned and operated district heating and cooling systems in the United States. 

Contact information: 7th Floor Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7EN, England

Tel.: 44 (0) 20 7420 6700