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Deal type: Buying
Deal subject: Projects
Technology/Service: Biofuel
Location: Charlotte North Carolina United States
Company name: Liberation Capital
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Posting site: Green Energy Portal - Marketplace

Liberation Capital is a global private equity firm founded in 2010 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Our Founding Members bring a complementary mix of experiences in both running global technology and service businesses and structuring asset and project finance deals.

Liberation Capital specializing in Project Finance for small renewable energy, water and waste water projects. Our investment model centers on strategic partnerships with CleanTech technology firms and project developers with multi-project/multi-year investment horizons.

Here are a few prime examples of Industries in the energy sector in which we invest:

·         Gas Recovery

o    Landfill

o    Sewage Treatment

o    Agricultural Waste

o    Industrial Waste

·         Alternative Energy

o    Unconventional Gas

o    Biomass Conversion

o    Green Diesel/Chemicals

o    Solar

·         Water Treatment & Reuse

o    Desalination

o    Sewage

o    Industrial waste

o    Produced water

·         Waste-to-Value

o    Gases

o    Energy

o    Minerals/metals

o    Food elements/proteins/pharma/nutraceuticals

Contact information: Charlotte, NC, USA